The Greener Side of Orlando, Florida


Seeing the world does not necessarily mean draining your lifesavings or racking up a mountain of debt. With planning and preparation it need not cost you the earth – especially if you’re a nature lover like me.

On my first trip to Orlando, Florida, I did all the things one expects a . . . → Read More: The Greener Side of Orlando, Florida

Greece Travel Tips

If you are looking for the best place to take a summer holiday this year then look no further than Greece! Greece Holidays are always popular amongst holiday makers from the UK because you are almost always guaranteed to have great weather, good food and meet very friendly locals. It’s only a few hours away . . . → Read More: Greece Travel Tips

Best Islands to Visit in Greece

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Greece, albeit its current issues as a nation, is one of the most beautiful countries that there is in the world. It does have an unfair advantage though. Greece is home to thousands of islands that are all as scenic and as beautiful as you could ever imagine. Many of these islands are small spots . . . → Read More: Best Islands to Visit in Greece

Quiet Retreats for Artists

Many artists are at their most productive in quiet, distraction-free settings. When they have beautiful, natural surroundings to inspire them and provide subject material, the benefits can be even greater. As such, a quiet retreat can give you a chance to get more deeply involved with art and to get fresh ideas that will continue . . . → Read More: Quiet Retreats for Artists

Turkey: A food lover’s paradise

Of all the countries that I have been lucky enough to visit on my travels, I can safely tell you that the food I had in Turkey is amongst some of the best in the world. It just never once let me down when I was on holiday there, you can get the most amazing . . . → Read More: Turkey: A food lover’s paradise

The Best Beaches in Europe

The weather is so bad back home in the United Kingdom that it is really time to start thinking about beach holidays. It is absolutely crazy that we don’t go on more beach holidays in Europe! Some of the best beaches in Europe are on a couple of hours away by plane, so you . . . → Read More: The Best Beaches in Europe

How To Have A Truly Relaxing Holiday

There seems to be an unspoken agreement amongst western consumers – we can never admit that there’s anything stressful about being on holiday. It’s fine to moan all the way to the airport, for the duration of the flight and all the way back from the airport too, just as long as you don’t confess . . . → Read More: How To Have A Truly Relaxing Holiday

Post-university gap years: what are my options?

Lots of people choose to take a gap year before they go to university, but what if you finish studying and decide that you’d like to take a bit of time out before joining the world of full-time work? You’ll be pleased to hear there are plenty of options open to you.

We’re . . . → Read More: Post-university gap years: what are my options?

The Dramatic Eruption Which Preserved History


There is something fairly foreboding about a volcano, especially one that is not extinct and hasn’t erupted for seventy years. When will it go again you may be thinking? Vesuvius and the wonderfully preserved ruins of Pompeii receive huge numbers of tourists each year and if you are considering an Italian holiday you should look . . . → Read More: The Dramatic Eruption Which Preserved History

Ideas for casino holidays

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While at one time it was suggested that the rise of online casinos might lead to the death of land-based ones, in fact all it seems to have done is increased the section of the populace interested in playing casino games.


The result of this is that people are viewing vacations as an . . . → Read More: Ideas for casino holidays