Planning, planning, planning – bioko island, vaccinations, and goodwill donations :-)

Hey Guys!

Today I did the unthinkable – I started going through my clothes so I can donate them goodwill! It’s just under two months until I leave and I’m starting the process (slowly) of decluttering, organizing, and packing. After my second glass of wine I decided that unworn clothes should be the first to go. I’ve been promising myself I will “one day” fit into about five pairs of jeans…and now they were the first articles thrown into the plastic trash bag. Sayonara lumpy sweaters and high school prom shoes!

So now that I’ve heaved my garbage of unwanted clothes to the front door, I’m nursing a glass of German sparkling wine (sounds so elegant!) courtesy of my German family, and I’m considering the next steps in my trip preparation.

Tomorrow: Travel clinic appointment AND the final round of interviews for my possible job position in Equatorial Guinea (which I found through the Ecolog listerv, mentioned in this post). By tomorrow night my left arm should be covered in little sore spots (thanks to my vaccinations) and I will hopefully be booking my flight to work for the BBPP on Bioko Island.

Speaking of Bioko Island, I feel like Equatorial Guinea is so off the backpacking trail – I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the online blogs or in African itineraries, despite its almost pristine biology. I finally did some research into Equatorial Guinea and what the political and historical situation is like on this island; thankfully it seems to be pretty sound. I’m expecting the occasional bribe, but by all accounts, the BBPP is well respected, and I’m hoping to avoid most trouble by associating myself with it.

Thanks to my helpful comments on my previous post I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a netbook! Ideally, I’ll be able to use it (and extra memory) to store my pictures and I’ll also be able to keep a computerized journal, making it much easier to blog when internet does become available.

Coming up this month, I’ll also be buying my camera!!! Both my sister and my dad have amazing Nikon cameras (which were also suggested by a reader) so I’ll be buying something when I find a good Christmas special. I’ve been practicing my photography skills, so hopefully I’ll be able to post some nice “artistic” pics :-)

Alrighty! It’s back to the wine and a delicious spaghetti dinner. I’ll be armchair traveling to Africa tonight…who is coming with? :-)