The capital of Florida – a place to witness political scandal, attend university, and…Royalty?


Fortunately (or unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it), I’ve spent the last three years living in and around the greater Tallahassee area. As a proud Florida State University ‘Nole, I’ve had the student perspective of the place. In the true nature of a hard-partying turned biology nerd, I have a varied list of things to do.

Tallahassee Greek Food Festival

Tallahassee Greek Food Festival: hosted every October by the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church.

Political Scandal

Come January, every major (and minor) political figure heads up to this northern outpost of 300,000 people and attempts to become a big player in Floridian legislative hoopla. It’s not a rare site to observe a handful of anti-war protesters, senators schmoozing each other for votes, and inter-office scandal all in one lunch sitting. If you’re more of an evening creature, you get the added benefit of watching this all happen, again, except now on booze and off the clock.

Places to observe politics in action:

1) Capital building: walk the walk and talk to the talk all the way up to the free observation deck on the 23rd floor. Come prepared for the best views of Tallahassee, and for a lot of suits. Ask a local what body part the building resembles…just out of earshot of young children.

2) Jasmine’s Cafe (best sushi place in town), 106 College Ave.: smack dab downtown. The place to watch the lunch crowd mingle.

3) Sharkey’s (106 College Ave.): Directly across from Jasmine’s, this breakfast/lunch place is owned by a local lobbyist and definitely caters to its crowd.

4) Governor’s Club: It’s unlikely that you’ll get in here (membership only, by invitation only) but if you get invited…GO. Traditionally exclusive, you will see the biggest political players hanging out here after a hard day’s work.

5) Governor’s Mansion: Just north of downtown Tallahassee, this mansion sure looks fit for a Governor. Free!


Yep, I’m a fan! Unfortunately our team has been a little lack-luster of late…but that doesn’t make games any less exciting to attend! The best place to information on football and basketball games is right from the source. Not in town during game time?

1)Be sure to check out the stadium, for free: Just go inside to the help desk (University Center A, which is in the stadium) and they will direct you to the third floor, where you can enter the stadium directly,

2) Check out the free museums on the Florida State University campus, or take a self-guided walking tour – information available at the visitor center.Free!


Yes, royalty…in Tallahassee! For those of you interested in local history, one of the best places to start your search is the local graveyard, where Prince Murat (Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew) and Catherine Murat (great-grandniece of George Washington) are buried.

Other things to do in Tallahassee:

1) Wanna see an 18th century vampire killing kit or the original Bat mobile? Check out the Tallahassee Car Museum.

2) Eat fresh, locally made food and enjoy downtown Tallahassee at the Saturday morning farmer’s market, downtown Tallahassee.

3) Here the day before a Florida State Seminole home football game? Check out the downtown getdown…a Tallahassee sponsored block party complete with music, drinks, performances,  food vendors, and child activities.

4) Visiting around halloween? Take the child-friendly haunted walking tours of Tallahassee for a fun introduction to the creepier side of local history, or check out the Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House (definitely NOT child-friendly).

Yes, Tallahassee may not be the most exciting place in the world, but it’s a nice enough stop for those of you heading out west :-)

Anyone ever stopped by here before?