First “live” post :-)


I’m proud to say that this is my first “live” post…reporting from Orlando international. A few comments on my travels today:

1) I saw a woman try to carry FOUR pieces of luggage onto the plane. FOUR.
2) I wanna do a shout out to Google for sponsoring FREE wireless in both airports (Fort Myers & Orlando) that I’ve been through today. Apparently it’s for the holidays…ten brownie points for a good marketing ploy.
3) Thanks to those of you who called me or showed up at my door last night to wish me happy travels. You all deserve snazzy souvenirs.

Last night was pretty nerve-wracking. Packing, re-packing, and making checklists (please…a collective groan in honor of the to-do lists worldwide).

I got an unexepected but AWESOME gift/sponsorship/what-have-you from some good friends over at Adventures in Paradise (Sanibel, Fl). I’ve been doing tours with them since 1996 (yep…that would be for more than half my life), and they are like family now. Of course they couldn’t resist the chance to outfit me with their awesome, awesome gear. Apparently, shirts can be wrinkle-free, 30 spf, bug repelling, and fashionable. Either way, I’m happy to say that because of their generosity, I’ll be fashionable and functional…while trekking through the jungle :-)

Ok, time to finish my reasonably tasty breakfast sandwich and catch the next leg of my flight to Philly. :-)