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Hey Guys!

Just checking in to let you all know that I’ve landed in South Africa and am settling into my new home on the Loskop Dam Reserve, about 50km outside of Middelburg. If you’re keen on seeind where the heck that is, take a look at the google map I’ve put in for all of you :-)
View South Africa – backpacking chica in a larger map

In other news, I’ve been blowing up the news wire with my articles for the Naples Daily News, where I touch on how it felt to see monkeys in the wild, how post-rainforest culture shock is just that…shocking, and my lack of ability to dance through the undergrowth. I’ve also posted the first of a series of photography-based articles, and mused on my struggles traveling solo. Finally, I’ve come out to the world and admitted that I absolutely love Equatorial Guinea and owned up the fact that I initially let my stereotypes dictate my impressions of the people and the culture.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for reading this! I’ve been website hits from all over the world, which is just fantastic. For those of you waiting for a postcard, I’ll be sending them out soon – it wasn’t so easy to do from EG. For those of you who don’t know, I love sending readers postcards (and I might even put a travel secret on it!) and I’m also excited to work with classrooms one-on-one.

In the next few weeks, very exciting things will be happening in the backpacking chica community…can’t spill the beans right now, but keep your eyes and ears open for the news!

Happy travels!

-Yours Truly :-)