Doin´what I do.

Having the world´s longest layover means a lot of down time to write about my trip.

The last 24 hours have been amazingly stressful, but thanks to the multitude of airport bars, I´ve kept my spirits high. Most notably, I´ve posted various articles on my Naples Daily News blog…and compiled a list of thoughts for you all to read, if you so please:

1) Banking agencies can go to hell. Seriously. I think I may or may not have lost 5 years of my life trying to deal with this problem! Lesson learned: always, always, always have extra cash because your bank will screw you, Bill Clinton style (ie: they´ll take you for what all your worth and then lie about it).

2) My thoughts on airports in general have remained pretty positive until I actually had to buy stuff. Hello, highway robbery alert!

3) Germany in the spring is awesome. Makes me want to sing “Springtime for Hitler” from The Producers…but that seems a little too politically incorrect for me.

4) I´ve finally started gathering my thoughts on my short time in South Africa. I have to be honest and say that while I was extremely impressed with the scenery and my individual interactions with people, I focused heavily on the racial and social issues I encountered…it was difficult to not let it get me down.

5) Jo-burg was like nothing I´ve ever experienced. It might well take me a few days to figure out how to convey how scary it sometimes was…and I like to think that it takes a fair amount stuff to go wrong for me to be scared.

6) I quoted Love Actually (the movie) in one of my recent Naples Daily News posts, which got me thinking about how awesome that movie actually is. Seriously, it´s my favorite movie…so if you haven´t watched it, you should! I like to think I´m that much of a hopeless romantic; even without all of the romance, it´s an incredibly nice feel-good movie.

Anywho – that´s all for now.

Reporting from Germany (post-schnitzel dinner, which was delicious if you must know!)…until next time!