Exploring the Island: The Siopi River

As most of you should know by now, I spent just under three months in the rainforest of Bioko Island working at a field assistant for the BBPP. One of the perks of the job is that we worked in virtually unexplored areas; we hiked into areas that even the locals don´t even frequent. Being able to explore untouched beaches, rivers, and waterfalls became part of everyday life. Even on the worst days, I could always tell myself that I was witnessing nature in a way that only a handful of people had ever seen.

A particularly memorable exploration was when we decided to take a hike up our bathing river (called the Siopi River by our local guides) to see what surprises awaited us at the end. Clambering over slippery rocks and under fallen trees, we slowly made our way upstream. We were so rewarded; the dense vegetation opened up to allow a three-tiered cascade to rush down into a beautiful, deep pool of clear, blue water. The water pressure from the cascade was so strong that it was like swimming in one of those endless pools…except way more awesome.

Hiking to the cascades involved a few interesting maneuvers…like balancing along a log.

Hanging out on the top of the cascades.

Climbing up the cascade was so much fun. There was so much cold water hitting my face that I just shut my eyes, felt for the best handhold, and pulled myself up, rock by rock. Clambering up the rock face was definitely fun…but more even more awesome than that was the jump down.

And yes, I totally scream like a girl.