A quick check in :-)

Hello readers far and wide!

Just doin’ one of my usual check-ins…writing from Africa, and life is good here! I’m writing post-lunch and am too lazy to do anything other than bullet format, so here it goes:

1) The food here is amazing. Seriously. Considering that food is my vice, I am having such a hard time sticking to any kind of reasonable intake. I’m talking fish, chicken, rice, delicious desserts…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it again! Moral or this bullet point? All you picky American eaters would be perfectly fine here :-) Yes, I’m talking about you Ms. Ashley!

2) I took out my fake hair after only one week. It is wayyy too hot here for that….not to mention it was SO itchy. So I’m back to my Victoria Beckham inspired “do”. I have been told it makes me look German…I wonder why? :-)

3) My friends here have been amazing. I am really seeing this area through the eyes of the local, and not just as tourist. Or at least it feels like it.

4) Watched the el clasico football game here. It was crazy. Me, perhaps two othe women, and at least a couple hundred guys…all stuffed into an auditorium watching the game on a projector. Soccer truly is an international sport! A few comments on the experience in general: Ronaldo is very attractive, but Messi is the true star of the game. Obviously he has an incredible talent. To the barcelona player that is rockin’ the 1980’s hairdo…you go on with your bad self! To the madrid defensive player that had a white headband – you not only play dirty but you also look just a little bit evil.

5) I finally hung up a mosquito net in my room…and it fell down. So I’m back to having a million mosquito bites.

6) My Spanish is getting better…mission accomplished! I’m actually also getting to know people in the community. Yesterday I walked onto the university campus and saw six people I knew within thirty minutes, which was a nice feeling.

7) I have some very exciting news…but as usual, it is better left unsaid until things are really set in stone.

I think that’s all for now. Basically I’m having a wonderful time, I’m super excited that I came here, and I’m gathering my energy together for the next big developments!