Google search terms: round 3

Every once in a while, just for fun, I look to see how people in the big, wide world are finding my blog. Sure, I have my few devoted fans who come specifically to my site to see what I’ve been up to, but the rest of my visitors? Yes. The rest of my visitors are not loyal fans tattooing themselves with outlines of Africa and hearts dedicated to the Backpacking Chica. No, they’re just regular folk, playing around on Google. Here are the internet breadcrumbs these little Hansel and Gretels leave behind:

Why you would not take a job in Africa: yes, this was a search string that elicited my blog. Yes, the very same blog that lauded Africa and international travel and inspired one or two people to think about leaving America for the dark continent, was deemed by Google to be the answer to this person’s question (just once, it seems).

“I hate inspirational quotes”: I shit you not, this search term has been use 22 times in the last quarter as a portal to my blog. TWENTY-TWO TIMES! What is wrong with people?

Madagasca mostquitos: I promise, I left all the spelling errors in that one.

Worst time to travel to rome: what’s with all the negativity people? Is there really a bad time to travel to Rome? That’s like saying that there’s a bad time to travel to Paris. Pshhh. Drink two bottles of good French wine and the cold will be nothing but a bad memory.

Boat on rocky waves: Oh yes. I know exactly which post this pulled up. Man, that day was…peachy.

Backpacking blogg: Well, I’m not important enough to get into google search results when people spell the word “blog” write, but I guess everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

Sweaty face: WHYYY? Pourquoi? Warum?

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