Roam Romantic Rome – 5 Spots You’ll Fall in Love With!

By Ahmed Ahmed

It’s only natural. Everybody does it, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, you know what we’re talking about: everybody falls in love with Rome. The city has a warm seductive pull that melts the coldest of visitors. Hearts of stone stand no chance against Rome’s gorgeous stone buildings. And as night falls, the ancient streets come to life with music and shadows. Let Oh-Rome holiday apartments introduce you to five of the city’s loveliest locations.

Photo by Flickr user rosemania


Via Giulia 

To start off with, how about a walk along the elegant and tranquil Via Giulia? This street was designed during the heady days of the Italian Renaissance, when art and society were both preoccupied with the beauty of life and love. The road preserves a slow, delicious energy that will captivate visitors, be they single or attached.


Piazza Navona

Rome’s most popular square is the perfect spot to head for some quality time. You might choose to grab a slice of pizza or gelato and enjoy it next to the fountain, or perhaps you’ll while away the time enjoying dinner and a glass of wine at one of the square’s restaurants.

Photo by Flickr user Luigig

Roseto Comunale 

What could be more romantic than a rose? Try a whole garden full of them, at sunset, with a view of The Vatican. If that sounds at all tempting, you’ll have to head to the Aventine Hill, one of Rome’s Seven Hills. Here you can find the Roseto Comunale, Rome’s public rose garden. It attracts few tourists, so it could be the perfect spot for a quiet moment away from the crowds.


The Trevi Fountain

You must have known that Bernini’s famous font would make an appearance. While somewhat cliché, the celebrated night scene from La Dolce Vita continues to inspire visitors to seek their own romance. However, unlike the stars of Fellini’s 1960 cult film, you’ll have to stay on dry land, as it’s frowned on to dive in these days!

Photo by Flickr user Leah Gregg


The River Tiber

 While nothing special by day, especially in the summer when it dwindles in the heat, the River Tiber at night is enchanting. Take an evening boat ride, passing many of Rome’s most treasured monuments, including St. Peter’s Basilica. Nature’s treats can’t help but captivate you either, the gentle tree-lined banks of the river providing the perfect setting for your nocturnal adventure.