Hannover, Germany: Home of the other Oktoberfest!

Hey Everyone!

As you all know, I’m a proud German, having been born there and raised in the German culture. Being German, and not living in Germany, is a funny thing; everybody wants to tell you about their long-lost fifth removed cousin (“you must know who he/she/it is!”) or their favorite beer that they drank once, five years ago (“it’s kinda dark and tastes good…you know which one I’m talking about?”). Even more frequently, I get asked things like: what is your favorite thing to do in Germany? Where do you like to go? Where can I drink beer and not go broke?

So, in the spirit of sharing more of my home culture AND in appeasing those of you who have long been asking for my top pick…here it is:

The Other Oktoberfest: You thought Oktoberfest just happened in Munich, no? Wrong! Oktoberfest, and other festivals like it, are celebrated throughout Germany and you can experience it for a fraction of the cost and in a more authentic setting if you go to the  Hannover version of the affair. That’s right, Hannover hosts the second largest Oktoberfest in Germany, and I gaurantee you’ll see much more German people (and less American, Australian, British, and French) for so much less money. I know, I know: you’re probably worrying that nothing could measure up to the infamous Munich affair…but if you like the sound of 160 rides, two tents holding over a thousand people each, and over one million people to drink with, you’ll be sure  to like Hannover’s version.

Sold on the idea of visiting? How not check out flights to Hannover and start planning your trip! :-)