Best Historical Sites in Malta

It is little wonder that tourism comprises a large part of the Maltese economy, given the variety of sights to see and activities to try in this part of the world. Students visit on educational trips and cultural connoisseurs book guided tours around the architectural masterpieces and buildings of historical importance. If you’re planning on joining the expanding tourist crowd then this guide, contributed by Directline Holidays, may be of some interest.

National Museum Of Archaeology

It is possible to learn a great deal about the life of prehistoric and Neolithic man from the artefacts in this museum. You’ll be invited to touch old tools and use the multimedia facilities by the friendly staff. There’s plenty of fun to be had by children and adults alike.


Mdina Dungeons

Do you have the courage to take time out of your action packed holidays in Malta to explore the dark and mysterious dungeons of Mdina? If the answer is yes then you can expect an encounter with torturers, murderers and thieves. All in model form, of course!


Mgarr Second World War Shelter

The grim and scary realities of war are evidenced by this mid-20th century protective facility. The locals took shelter here during the Siege of Malta, when many buildings were destroyed and lives sadly lost. It serves as a reminder of the harshness of war-time life.


St John’s Co Cathedral


It is hard to imagine the amount of work that went into designing the carved stone walls and painting the vaulted ceiling of this religious building. People on holidays in Malta are reminded that this is the home of the grand Caravaggio painting, ‘Beheading of St John The Baptist’.