Holistic Holidays: Europe’s Best Relaxing Getaways

There are a lot of different reasons for taking a holiday, to escape day-to-day routines, to broaden horizons, to enjoy new foods and cultures. But have you ever come back from a trip feeling more worn out than you did before you left? Sometimes, it’s tempting to cram so much into a holiday it becomes anything but relaxing. That’s why I’ve hunted down some of the best holistic holidays in Europe. Join me in discovering the path to true relaxation by choosing breaks designed to help soothe away all of your stresses.


Eco, life-enhancing in Lanzarote

For an eco spa experience that goes beyond mere relaxation and recuperation, there are few better choices that the Oceanside spa retreat in Lanzarote. This unusual retreat combines all of the benefits of a normal eco spa, such as gorgeous gym and spa facilities and a range of Yoga and exercise programs, with stunning ecological tours and unique life-enhancing experiences.

Book flights to Lanzarote and visit this ground breaking holistic retreat to discover beaches, volcanoes, rock face restaurants and you’ll be guided through special programmes designed to bring joy and fulfilment to your life.


Terrific Yoga Retreats in Tenerife

Photo by Flickr user Londoniss

The moment you step through the gates of Hacienda Cristoforo, you’ll know you’re somewhere special. This beautifully constructed retreat in south Tenerife is a lovely ecological centre that takes much of its inspiration from the natural landscape around it. It’s available for a whole host of personal and group activities, but the Winter Sun Yoga Retreat is a particularly special event.

Yoga, reiki sessions, life coaching and massages are just some of the relaxing experiences ahead when booking flights to Tenerife, and you can look forward to returning home feeling energised, refreshed and rejuvenated.


Holistic Treats in Greece

Photo by Flickr user Londoniss

Visit Atsitsa Bay for a real treat, from people who have built a 30-year tradition of working with the local community to create a responsible and relaxing retreat. You’ll be welcomed to a gorgeous white stone villa surrounded by lush gardens, an ideal spot to sit back and immerse yourself in a different kind of life experience.

There are a huge range of activities to choose from. Craft a combination perfect for you with anything from sports and exercise classes or dance and meditation to arts and crafts sessions, and the focus is always on doing everything in the most natural and ecologically responsible way possible.


Search for peace in Scotland

Ideal for those looking for a holistic holiday in a slightly cooler climate, Scotland offers some excellent retreats. Book a stay in the majestic Newbold House and discover peace in a beautiful Victorian mansion in the north east of Scotland. Surrounded by organic gardens and located within some stunning woods, it’s an enchanting place to get away from it all.

Sustainable living is high on the agenda and guests can choose from short stays to extended programmes, depending on their needs and desires. Workshops range greatly in style and substance, but all aim to provide transformational experiences.

If you’re fed up with feeling harassed on your breaks, make sure that the next time you book one, you choose a holistic holiday that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Why go on a package holiday when you can find gorgeous experiences like these that offer a whole new perspective on the world?