Top Ten Things to do In Cape Town

This is a guest post by Matt Hope from

Cape Town may be a wonderful place to visit but there is so much to do, it creates a “problem” to figure out which ones to choose! Impossible to fit in all of the amazing things to do in this beautiful town, I’ve decided to put together a “Top Ten” to help the adventure-hungry traveller!

Photo by Flickr User Fugue

1. Climb Table Mountain

Climbing a mountain may sound intimidating but I wouldn’t have put it on the list if I didn’t think you could do it! For anyone with an average level of fitness, this is more than feasible and even more so, rewarding! With access to many different trails, the quickest one via Platteklip Gorge is barely a mile to the top of Table Mountain! The beauty of nature makes the journey humbling and unforgettable. ‘Climb a mountain’ on the bucket list? Head up Table Mountain and check it off with pride!

2. Head to the Winelands

The breathtaking scenery of the Cape Town wine lands is a must, even if your taste buds don’t like wine. With the abundance of estates along the world famous Cape wine route there’s no way you’ll regret your decision to view this peaceful ambiance. I suggest if you do like wine, get yourself a few samples of the world’s best, order a meal, and picnic on the beautiful greenery of the estates. If you decide a sample isn’t enough, take home a case or two of wine at reasonable prices!

3. Atlantic Ocean (Caution: VERY Cold Waters!)

Grab your bathing suits and head on over to a Cape Town beach because you won’t want to miss the best way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Dipping in the Atlantic Ocean, aka Mother Nature’s ice-bath, is definitively for the brave. Even the locals tend to stay on the sand and sun bathe than gather up the courage to experience these icy-cold waters. If you find that you don’t have the guts, try out the native ice cream, the Grandilla Lolly and cool off on the shore!

4. The Inner City

The Inner City of Cape Town has a spectrum of cultures and classes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Watch the city wake up along St. George’s Mall, grab lunch at a popular restaurant in Cape Town’s city center, or for a more traditional approach head up to Signal Hill and pick from dozens of restaurants and coffee shops! If you find that your’e looking night life, the Inner City’s Long Street is one of the most happening nightlife scenes! Party on!

5. Tour the Peninsula

Cape Town has the cutest penguins you ever will see! This is definitely not an hour’s worth of time. The best way to experience the peninsula is to make it a whole day’s worth. Start off at Boulders Beach to view the tuxedo-dressed birds waddle around in their natural environment, check out the many villages along the way, and make sure you have enough time to explore Cape Point to end your day. The landscape and views are unbelievable, making it a perfect spot to take those vacation pictures. There are many trails and beaches to keep the adventurers busy for hours.

6. The Sea Point Promenade and Greenpoint Urban Park

The Sea Point Promenade is a well-kept pathway that runs from Bantry Bay to Mouille Point on the Atlantic Seaboard coast. You can swim in one of the many public pools and then head over to the flat promenade perfect for jogging or a peaceful walk! And if you want to know about a new and best-kept secret, walk the promenade down to Greenpoint Urban Park. It’s an open public space and is a prime spot for a nice picnic or a relaxing sunset watching to wind down your day.

7. The Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill

In a sea of exchange students, hippies, and hipsters one can find the treasures of organic and locally grown foods that make up the Neighbourgoods Market at Old Biscuit Mill. But don’t be turned off by the jam-packed event, the whole reason it’s awesome to visit is because it’s jam-packed! It’s a union of all things food and drink. In one of the most chill environments Cape Town has to offer, the food set out and the beer is unbeatable. Multiple vendors offer an array of microbrews, coffees, meals and desserts galore! The market is located at 373 Albert Road, Woodstock, and is only open on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

8. South African Sundowner

To get into a South African tradition, the sundowner is the only way to go. Grab some snacks and your favorite drink and head to the endless locations that are perfect for watching the sunset. Some really amazing places to do this are any of the Clifton beaches, the rocks at Llandudno, Chapman’s Peak Drive, or more secluded, Bantry Boulders. But please do remember that these locations do not allow alcohol! Trade those champagnes and wines in for some sparkling fruit juices!

9. A Night Out on the Town

Looking for a nice calming cocktail overseeing Cape Town’s shore? How about a 4am bumpin’ party? Cape Town had BOTH. There is always something happening every night of the week in Cape Town. If you’re looking to dress fancy, any one of Camps Bay bars, clubs, and restaurants are the place to be. If you’re looking for that party party, Long Street and the City Centre offers dozens of places that go on till sunrise.

10. The Townships

Cape Town’s townships are the perfect ideal for an enjoyable day. There are many admirable locations to visit, but none as famous as Mzoli’s in Gugulethu. Despite what headlines may say, there are little to no risks in connection with these trips. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, which many of you are, it is best to venture out with a reputable tour company, and make sure you are completely comfortable with the idea before making plans. An afternoon of eating native meats and foods while dancing to some deep South African beats is an experience of a lifetime.