Save Money Booking a Holiday With 5 Top Tips

Photo by Flickr User Pylon757

Timing is everything

For the best flight prices either book early when there is plenty of availability or at the last minute once airlines have slashed prices to fill seats. When you holiday is just as important: while you should be prepared for an expensive trip if you’re set on going away over the New Year, if you don’t mind going over the low-season you’ll be able to spoil yourself a bit more.

Consider a package/all-inclusive

Eating out is undoubtedly one of the most expensive parts of any holiday. By getting an all-inclusive package or going self -catering you can eliminate this cost. If you thought self-catering was code for cramped kitchens and primitive appliances you obviously haven’t seen some of the villas Teletext Holidays have available to rent.

Have an open mind

When you start looking for holidays you might have an idea of where you want to go. Be open to the possibility of different, cheaper destinations and you’ll not only bag yourself a bargain, you’ll be able to experience something unexpected.

Consider the extras

Whether you’re booking your holiday online or through a travel agent you’llprobably get offered extras such as car-rentals or holiday insurance. If you don’t need them make sure you’re not paying for them. However, if you do need travel insurance or a rental car you’ll often find that booking it at the same time as your holiday can save you money

Do everything in advance

If you want to carry on saving money don’t stop planning once you’ve arranged your transport and accommodation. Booking your train tickets to the airport or parking spot in advance can give you a considerable saving. Similarly, booking tickets for any attractions you want to visit in advance will also save you a great deal, and could even stop you having to queue on the day