Peace of Mind: A Precious Travel Commodity

You want to have peace of mind when you go travelling abroad. For this reason, it is advisable that you get a good insurance policy that will cover you and your possessions.

Often when you buy a flight to travel abroad you will be offered some sort of travel insurance.  It can be very easy to just go along with what is offered to you when it comes to buying tickets. However you should be cautious before you make your purchases and ensure that you are getting the best deal.

 Travel Insurance


What to consider?

There are many considerations that you will need to make before purchasing travel insurance. You might be going travelling and therefore are looking to purchase backpackers insurance. Most importantly you will need to decide whether you are going to choose cover for a single holiday or whether you will invest in annual cover that will provide insurance for you on all the holidays you make within a certain period of time; subject to the limitations of the policy.

Sometimes annual insurance policies can be worth the investment and you don’t necessarily have to go on holiday a lot to make them worthwhile. Annual insurance policies are particularly suitable for people who like to take advantage of last minute holiday deals and want to save themselves the hassle of having to organise last minute insurance as well.


Exclusions and inclusions

Make sure that you look out for common exclusions in your travel insurance policy. You do not want to get half way around the world only to discover that you have a limited amount of cover after all.

There is usually a certain level of baggage insurance included in insurance policies. This will usually cover you in the event that your baggage is damaged lost or even stolen. There are limits on the value for which insurance companies will cover your baggage though so make sure you are clear of these restrictions before you depart.

Insurance companies will also normally put strict limits on the cover that they will provide in the event that your valuables are lost, stolen or damaged. Some travel insurance policies will pay for the repair of a damaged item whilst others will even cover the purchase of a replacement if the original is lost or stolen.

Make sure you know what the cover you select entitles you to and double check whether common items such as your glasses are included as these are often overlooked but can still be expensive to replace.