Jamaica is a melting pot of culture that has a little bit of everything all in a perfectly easy-going atmosphere! Varied ethnic backgrounds, such as African, Chinese, English and Spanish, are of the Jamaican people and have influenced cultural traditions from wonderful food to jammin’ music.

When most people think of Jamaica, they usually think of the beach! Good thing there are plenty of preferences to choose from, such as the popular resort town and cruise port of Ocho Rios, the resorts and cliffs in Negril, or the relaxed, more remote Treasure Beach. Montego Bay and Kingston, the major cities of Jamaica, have ample times for some head bobbing reggae music and original delicious jerk cuisine. Grab some grub and head to the area of town where you can hear the music and dance!

The island has to airports, Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. But of course there is always a popular transportation choice, the cruise ship.

Jamaica is a wonderful island with climate that is warm and sunny year-round! Many snowbirds come down to Jamaica for their climate during winter months, making this a busy season. Summers attract families and honeymooners for the dry, warm weather. Even though these months are less popular for visitation, spring and fall can also be perfect times to find limited deals and spend time doing the same fun in the sun!

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Jamaica’s weather is pleasing all throughout the year, with an annual average temperature of 82 degrees (Fahrenheit). While inland areas possess a tropical climate, the weather can drop to the 50s in the mountainous regions! The coast remains temperate due to northeast trade winds and mountain breezes. July and August are not only the driest months, but the warmest as well, so if you decide to visit then, hydrate! Hurricane season affects Jamaica and is during the late months of August through November, but rain falls year-round. Be sure to check the weather before your departure!



Jamaica is a busy island year round but the busiest time is from mid-December through mid-April and from June through August, with March and July as the busiest visitors months. Events such as the ever-exciting Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival in January, the Reggae Sumfest in July, and the Jamaica Carnival during the week after Easter also draw sizeable crowds. These festivals are a joy to partake in, making it easy to understand why the island gets so busy during these times!


Closure Information

Due to the fact that Jamaica is a tourist destination year-round, there are fortunately no specific times when hotels and shops close down!



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