A Weekend in Stockholm

Are you looking for a relaxing fall getaway? Stockholm is the perfect place for an autumn retreat. The air is starting to turn crisp and the days are getting shorter, but the winter hasn’t gotten into full swing yet. Let’s take a closer look at what the gorgeous Swedish capital has to offer.


Sites and Attractions

Stockholm is known for its cosmopolitan mix of old and new, with the 12th century buildings and cobbled streets of the Old Town set against 21st century architecture and cutting edge environmental protection initiatives. In fact, Stockholm just after Berlin and Copenhagen for having the best air quality in Europe.

To see some of this environmental protection in action, you can visit one of the many parks and green spaces that make up 30% of the city. One great example is Djurgarden, a peaceful wooded island park protected from the city’s hubbub.

If you’re in the mood for museums, then the National Museum offers a rotating schedule of exhibits featuring contemporary Swedish art. The Nobel Museum features information about the famous prize and all of its recipients throughout history. And if you’re interested in learning more about contemporary art and design, then the Nationalmuseet is definitely a must-see.


Sweden is home to the wonderful pastime known as fika, the act of taking a seat, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, and having a pastry or cinnamon bun. Some great places for fika include Wayne’s Coffee, Robert’s Coffee and Espresso House, which replace the regular chains like Starbucks.

For dining out options, Sweden has some of the best venues in the world, offering creative takes on traditional Swedish fare and international influences. One well-known Stockholm restaurant is Ekstedt, where locally-produced food is cooked over a wood fire. Or, if you want to try the Scandanavian traditional breakfast, Djurgardsbrunn, near Gardet park, offers one of the best in town.


Stockholm is also becoming a popular nightlife destination. For those looking for a bit of after-hours fun, you’ll find most of the trendy bars on Gotgatan and Bondegatan, while the best dance clubs can be found in the district of Stureplan.

Extra Excursions

If you’re looking to get out of the city, the Stockholm archipelago offers beautiful seascapes and island views. Consisting of over 24,000 islands, the archipelago spans about 80 kilometers from the center of the city, and makes a perfect short tour by boat.

Make it Happen

The only downside is that Stockholm is known for being one of the most expensive cities in Europe. While it’s not that far away, things like food, lodging and entertainment (particularly alcohol, due to the the taxes) can set you back a pretty penny. However, there are plenty of ways you can earn the extra cash beforehand. For some ideas, click here.

Once you get the funds together, get ready for a relaxing autumn retreat in Sweden’s enchanting capital.