New Zealand: Topography and Economic Overview

Being one of the best holiday destinations in the world, it pays to know a little bit of overview information about the land of the kiwis. New Zealand is country located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of two major land masses; the North and South Island. According to an article posted by BBC News, New Zealand is a wealthy Pacific nation. It is dominated by two cultural groups known as the New Zealanders from European descent and Maori people who arrived on the country more than 1, 000 years ago.

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Two of the most important things to learn about this country are their economy and geographical location.


New Zealand’s main economic mainstay is agriculture. In 1840, the British sovereignty was established in the country under the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. This treaty is a pact between Maori chiefs and the British government over land rights. However, this treaty caused the “New Zealand Wars” as land claims resulted to a series of dispute between colonial forces and the Maori people. Although the government gave the people money and land settlements, the land issue remains to be unsolved.

The government made a dramatic and controversial economic reform program that lifted controls on wages, prices and interests rates. It also removed agricultural subsidies. The country has a good export relationship with countries such as Australia, US and Japan. Also, it is the first Western country to sign a free trade deal with China.


With its geographical location, it is easier for visitors and tourists to visit the country. New Zealand has a diverse and spectacular landscape that fuelled tourism. Tourists from all over the world are drawn by the country’s scenic views, glacier-carved mountains, virgin forests, lakes, beaches, thermal springs and gardens. The aside from different tourist’s spots and landmarks, the country’s fauna and flora shouldn’t be missed. Because of the island’s geographical location, it boasted a unique and diverse flower collection.

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