Smarter Tourism is a travel search engine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The site was launched in 2006 with the objective of providing travellers with a greater variety of options on flights. Since its initial launch, Momondo has expanded its offer to include train journeys, holiday rentals (including villas and apartments both direct from the owner and via real estate agencies), hotel accommodation, and car rental services.
Unlike some of the bigger comparison sites (such as Expedia, Kayak, and Skyscanner), travellers can use Momondo to search for charter, low-cost, and regional flights. Another feature that distinguishes Momondo from other travel flight aggregator websites is that when you perform a search in Momondo, all results are displayed in a single page. Momondo’s robots search for the best results from over 800 individual sites (travel agencies, airlines to travel websites) and has been designed so that users do not have to deal with multiple new browser windows displaying different search results.

Some of Momondo’s key features include the site’s Flight Insight tool, which can help travellers find the most convenient route by showing up to 6 variables that can affect the price and availability of flights on a given date. Momondo users can modify their search according to variables like seasonality, day of the week, the time left until a flight’s departure, airline, airport of departure, and time of the day.


Flight shown: New York to London


Travellers can also use the price calendar option if their dates are flexible and want to find when the cheapest flights depart. Another interesting feature is Momondo’s rating system. When users search for a flight on Momondo, the results will be listed with a rating between 1 and 10, which is based on the price-flying time ratio.

For added convenience, the prices of goods and services are quoted in the currency of the destination country, although they can be modified, as the site operates in 27 currencies. To facilitate its use by travellers from all over the world, Momondo is a multilingual platform operating in 18 languages, from English to Russian, including Turkish, Chinese, and Norwegian.

Momondo users also have the option of registering to receive daily fare alerts on their preferred routes (left), and because user friendliness matters, Momondo has been developed to be fully functional on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. For best results, mobile users can download the free Momondo app, which allows them to browse travel products and make bookings on the go.