Ideas for casino holidays

While at one time it was suggested that the rise of online casinos might lead to the death of land-based ones, in fact all it seems to have done is increased the section of the populace interested in playing casino games.

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The result of this is that people are viewing vacations as an opportunity to visit some of the best casinos around the world, and resorts offering these are now holiday hot spots. Of course one of the top ones will always be Las Vegas, as this is one of the gaming centres of the world and boasts stunning casinos like the MGM Grand and the Bellagio, but it is far from the only casino vacation option you have.
Indeed just within the United States there are plenty of other great places to spend a gambling holiday, from the unofficial ‘rival’ to Vegas – Reno – to New Orleans and Connecticut. Yes, you heard that right: Connecticut. This is not somewhere many traditionally associate with the thrills of all night casino games, but nowadays it is home to two of the best casinos in America.

If you want size, the Foxwoods establishment is the largest in the world, while if you want style and class, the Mohegan Sun Casino will deliver amply on both counts. If you aren’t planning on spending 100% of your time in these casinos though, it might be an idea to save travelling costs and play online blackjack, as Connecticut really doesn’t have much else to offer.
New Orleans in Louisiana is another great option for those looking for alternatives to Las Vegas within America and – unlike Connecticut – choosing New Orleans for your casino vacation will ensure that you also get to experience other entertainment options, like music, as well. Indeed most probably still associate New Orleans more with music, but vacationers there have the option of gambling on one of the casino riverboats, which cruise down the Mississippi. Thus you get to play all the casino games you want, with a side order of romance that is unique to this particular locale, and there is a dash of this in the hearts of most amateur gamblers.