Why Don’t You Visit Romania For a Change?

While in Europe, you will be covered in visit opportunities from all sides – the Old World is filled with unique sights to see and a long history to explore. But there is a part that is most often left aside – and it’s a pity, because it has things that are worthy of attention, like its untouched wilderness, its medieval castles, its caves and its culture. Besides its prices are often friendly, and its people are welcoming and open. Here are some tips on what to see and try when visiting Romania.

1. Vadu Crisului Cave in the Western Carpathian, Bihor county

A cave that is very easy to access – its mouth is located just a few yards away from the train station. There is a symbolic entry fee you have to pay to get in. A large portion of the cave was explored and made accessible for visitors, but there are still many unexplored tunnels in the cave system. What makes this cave special is that it has a spring inside, with its water being clean enough to be drunk without any filtering. It also has one of the richest cave fauna in Europe.

Despite being away from civilization, the area of the cave has acceptable mobile signal, so you can even play at the red flush online casino after you visit it.

2. The Scărișoara Glacier Cave

Harder to access, but it’s definitely worth it. The Scărișoara Glacier Cave is only accessible by car or by hiking to it from the nearby settlement of Gârda de Sus, Alba County. It is the largest ice cave in Romania’s Apuseni Mountains. The ice cave was formed 3500 years ago, during the glaciations, when these mountains were covered by snow and ice, although the exact date when the cave was discovered is still unknown. Today the surrounding mountains are all green, but when you descend into the cave you step into a world of ice. The temperatures are up to just +1°C in the summer – imagine the experience of descending into a 60 meter shaft and going from +30°C to +1°C in a matter of minutes. It’s a wonderful experience, worth trying once.

3. The Ghețarul de la Focul Viu Cave

Located in the Bihor Mountains, on the Valea Galbenă, close to the Piatra Galbenii peak and the Cuculeul de Fier peak, at an altitude of 1.165 meters. Visiting this ice cave will take you on a journey through forest roads, as it is again only accessible by road (not by train). What makes this glacier cave special is that it has a hole in its roof, allowing the sunlight to access the interior – and the sights can be wonderful during the day. Perfect for photography enthusiasts.