Tips on how to pick a wine

Let’s be honest, choosing a good wine when you’re walking down the supermarket aisle is never easy. There’s so much choice and so many different varieties of wine which makes a simple shopping trip become a tad bit more stressful!

Well there are 3 easy ways to make sure that you choose a great bottle of wine. With a world of information at our fingertips there really is no excuse not to be doing a little bit of research online before you choose your bottle. Within a few minutes you’ll be able to browse over several different wines until you find the one that you want to be sipping tonight.


I am no wine connoisseur but after following 3 simple steps I have certainly found some new favourites that I always keep in the rack or chilling in the fridge. So how do you find that bottle of wine? How can you choose one over the other? Here’s how I do it. If you follow these simple steps you won’t be just judging which bottle has the nicest label in the aisle next time.

What do people say?

Always check out reviews from other people. Usually popular sites will have a star rating and a whole list of reviews from people just like you and I. Read the reviews because they are usually very honest and written in a language we can all understand.

Does it sound appealing?

After you’ve finished the reviews you should read the description of the wine to check that it is to your liking. You must remember that some reviewers will have left reviews for wine that is no their favourite – do take note of these reviews because what one reviewer doesn’t like you might love. Checkout the description to see if your choice sounds even more appealing to you.

Is it affordable?

Price is always an issue with whatever we buy. There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg on a bottle, so make sure that the price suits your budget. If you’re really savy then you will keep an eye out to see if you can get a cheap deal using groupon. It’s always great sipping a nice glass of wine which you got at a bargain price!