Earn An Income While Travelling

For many people entering the workforce, and especially millennials finding a job or career that will allow you to travel is a big plus or maybe even a necessity. Being paid to travel is the dream. The job description of exploring different cities, countries and territories and grabbing a paycheck in the end is possible. We take a look at a few jobs that give you the benefit and excitement of travelling while maintaining an income.


Tutor/ Teacher

Depending on where you go, being an English teacher overseas can be as easy as getting your EFL(English as a Foreign Language) course and you’ll be off teaching in no time. Some countries will want you to hold a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible to teach. Countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, China and India are wall popular places to teach English. Teaching in these countries gives you ample amount of time to travel through the countries and region. You can also become a Tutor in Hong Kong and make some side money while you travel throughout Asia.


Travel Guide

Tour guides are needed the world round. If you enjoy culture, people, history and the outdoors than being a tour guide is a great job. As a travel guide your job is essentially just to travel around with other people. You’re basically on a permanent holiday; that requires a lot of work.



The great thing about putting words down on paper or online is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. Writing about travel and travel destinations is the ultimate gig, writing about exotic locations, restaurants and hotels on someone else’s coin is a dream job for anyone. You don’t have to necessary right about travel in order to travel, though. Your ideas, opinions and content can be written from anywhere in the world. Just be sure not to go too far off the grid that you can’t get your content in on time.



This job is perfect for someone who would like to travel but get to know a place at the same time. As a live in nanny or caretakers you will likely be working a set amount of hours during the week and able to have weekend and nights off. This leaves you with lots of time to explore the country and region on your time off. A great perk to this is you’ll be set for accommodation and a home base while you travel around. Being an Aupair really gives you a feel for what daily life is like in another country.