A Beginners Guide To Falls Creek

Falls Creek may not be the best known ski resort in Victoria, but it certainly is one that is tailor made for families and also doesn’t break the bank. Here you’ll be able to get lift passes, your ski equipment, accommodation for all the family, have lessons, enjoy the apres ski and much more for a lot less than you’d be spending in some of the major resorts. Anyone who has a big family knows that the cost of taking your whole tribe on holiday can quickly spiral out of control, so after extensive research we opted for Falls Creek – we are so happy we did! fdd60f698ed1df5f4d2ec286ddc8e8be

It was our first time there and we picked up some really good knowledge I really want to share with all you guys. I should add that it is home to the longest green run in the country which gives you an idea of just how good it is for beginners.

Renting Your Gear

Don’t worry about buying all of the snow gear you need before you arrive because that will cost a lot of money and is a waste of time. You can rent everything you need from shops in Falls Creek, there are four locations in total. If you book your equipment online before you arrive then you’ll get a 10% discount. The other bonus about renting your gear onsite is that you can leave it at the store, which is by the lifts, when you finish everyday. So there’s no carrying around skis and having to walk home in your boots.


Taking Lessons

If you have the time to plan you will save more money if you combine lessons, passes and equipment rental together as one – it works out at about 15% discount.

Lessons are essential for the kids to get to grips with the basics and learn from a proper teacher. I always suggest that people book their kids in for half day lessons and then ski together in the afternoons. Whenever I see a resort with a magic carpet it always puts me at ease – this is a carpet that they stand on which gently brings them back to the top of the hill.

Getting There

We got there by driving which can be a long journey with the kids onboard, so do try to take breaks when possible. It can take over seven hours from Sydney’s CBD. Don’t forget to bring along the snow chains with you unless you’re lucky enough to have a four wheel drive.