A Beginners Guide To Falls Creek

Falls Creek may not be the best known ski resort in Victoria, but it certainly is one that is tailor made for families and also doesn’t break the bank. Here you’ll be able to get lift passes, your ski equipment, accommodation for all the family, have lessons, enjoy the apres ski and much more for a lot less than you’d be spending in some of the major resorts. Anyone who has a big family knows that the cost of taking your whole tribe on holiday can quickly spiral out of control, so after extensive research we opted for Falls Creek – we are so happy we did! fdd60f698ed1df5f4d2ec286ddc8e8be

It was our first time there and we picked up some really good knowledge I really want to share with all you guys. I should add that it is home to the longest green run in the country which gives you an idea of just how good it is for beginners.

Renting Your Gear

Don’t worry about buying all of the snow gear you need before you arrive because that will cost a lot of money and is a waste of time. You can rent everything you need from shops in Falls Creek, there are four locations in total. If you book your equipment online before you arrive then you’ll get a 10% discount. The other bonus about renting your gear onsite is that you can leave it at the store, which is by the lifts, when you finish everyday. So there’s no carrying around skis and having to walk home in your boots.


Taking Lessons

If you have the time to plan you will save more money if you combine lessons, passes and equipment rental together as one – it works out at about 15% discount.

Lessons are essential for the kids to get to grips with the basics and learn from a proper teacher. I always suggest that people book their kids in for half day lessons and then ski together in the afternoons. Whenever I see a resort with a magic carpet it always puts me at ease – this is a carpet that they stand on which gently brings them back to the top of the hill.

Getting There

We got there by driving which can be a long journey with the kids onboard, so do try to take breaks when possible. It can take over seven hours from Sydney’s CBD. Don’t forget to bring along the snow chains with you unless you’re lucky enough to have a four wheel drive.

Experience Perth

If you’ve never visited Australia and consider yourself a seasoned traveler, you have really yet to deem yourself the title until you visit this wondrous country. Since there are so many beautiful places to choose from, Western Australia is always a great place to start. Western Australia is the largest state in Australia. The capital, Perth, alone has just over one million people. Almost all Australians and travelers of Australia have said it to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

WA is divided into five major regions; the Kimberley, the North West, South West, the Interior, and the Wheat Belt. With the amazing views of white sandy beaches and beautiful waters, the majority of the population of WA lives along the coast.

Perth City is nestled between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean, and sweeps along the banks of the Swan River, which is only a few miles from the ocean. This river gets its name from the beautiful famous black swans, which can be found along the river at any given time. If you travel west of the city you’ll find Kings Park, which has over 988 acres of natural Australian greenery that overlooks the Swan River and the city center. This breathtaking view from King’s park is extremely unique and is a must for any traveler to Perth.

The celebration of food and drink is imperative to the way of Perth life in Australia! Many people enjoy eating outside due to the beautiful and sunny weather, which makes the iconic Australian barbequing another important way of life in Perth. There are many food halls and Perth bars to be checked out, especially if you’re on a tight budget, and plenty award winning restaurants with sophisticated and innovative dishes.

With Australia’s colonial past and widespread migration to the country since WWII, Modern Australian food and drink replicates these historical moments. Perth’s fresh produce is copious and plentiful, influencing the restaurant industry in the best way possible. Australia, in general, is a tremendously proficient pastoral nation growing various fruits, vegetables and grains. It is also notorious for its fresh seafood, meat, poultry and dairy products.

In modern Australian cuisine the current trend is for low-fat, healthy cooking! Since the majority of the population lived in the coastal areas, lean and protein rich foods like fish and seafood are very popular, as are fresh cooked seasonal vegetables. This political move towards a healthy diet portrays the long-term health initiatives set by the Australian government!

If you’re looking for the Perth bars, you will find many scattered throughout the city but will typically find that most of the bars are in the CBD, Northbridge, Subiaco, Leederville, Victoria Park, Mount Lawley & Fremantle regions. Bars, like most in all countries, generally become busy after 5 pm due to the after work crowd, but you will find that most locals go to bars on Friday and Saturday nights. Most bars open from around 11 AM and close midnight (10 PM on Sundays), with a few bars that have exceptional extended liquor trading hours to either 1, 2 or 3 AM!

Bonus advice:

While travelling in the western part of the country, you might want to drive or fly to Margaret River, The western wine region. You will be amazed by all the things to do like exploring the underground lakes and Mammoth caves, hiking in Scott National Park, hang out in the Hamelin Bay or go on a wine tour expedition. Finding the right accommodations in Margaret River for you and your family will be pretty easy and you won’t be disappointed with your visit.

Australia’s Best Surfing Beaches

Nothing is more exhilarating than slipping on a wetsuit, grabbing your board and paddling your way into a pristine ocean. Surfing is more than just a sport in Australia, it’s a way of life and if you’re ready to take your passion for surfing to the next level, here are a few spots to consider. From the temperate seas of Eastern Australia to plentiful swells off the western coast, there’s no limit to the number of beaches to explore and surf. Don’t waste your time searching for the perfect waves and instead hit any of these five beaches.


Found just off the northern coast of New South Wales, Angourie –or more specifically the point off Lennox Head — is quickly becoming a hot commodity among novice and professional surfers alike. First discovered by diehard surfers in the 1960s, the area remained in relative obscurity for the next 20 years. That is until professional surfers began “rediscovering” the spot, and now it’s one of the most visited and photographed beaches in all of NSW.

Snapper Rocks

Ask anyone with even the most limited experience, and they will quickly tell you that if you want to truly surf Australia’s beaches, you must head straight to the “Super Bank.” Found on the Gold Coast’s Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks is a point break like no other, and don’t be surprised when one epic wave is enough to take you from the Rocks to Kirra, a distance of nearly two kilometres. Find the perfect wave yourself or simply spend the day chatting up celebrity surfers including Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, who both make frequent pilgrimages to this surfer’s paradise.

Crescent Head

Head to the area just to the north of Port Macquarie and you’ll find the not-so-unassuming point at Crescent Head. Found on the Point Plomer Road, Crescent Head is an ideal location for experienced long boarders and newbies alike, and once again don’t be surprised if you notice a few well-known faces in the surfing community. A 200-metre ride is not out of the question at Crescent Head, and don’t forget to stop by Delicate Nobby on your way out. If you aren’t sure exactly what that entails, feel free to ask the locals.

Bells Beach

Do you require a spot with unparalleled historical significance and a sense of spiritual awakening? Or a combination of shallow reefs and a sea-bed that is miraculously free of the constant pain associated with shifting sandbars? If these are your two requirements for an ideal surfing spot, look no further than the world famous Bells Beach in Torquay. Original home of the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach features an almost mystical configuration of sand, water and surf.


Otherwise known to the cheeky locals as “Glamour-ama,” Tamarama is a daredevil’s paradise. The spot off Sydney’s coast is notorious for its dangerous conditions, providing it with the dubious distinction of being NSW’s most patrolled beach. Breathtaking 12 to 15-foot waves are commonplace along Tamarama as well as the beautiful cliffs that allow onlookers to take in the coasts along NSW.

Tips for a Beginner

Surfing has been on your bucket list for years, but you aren’t sure where to begin. First off, it’s important to realize that not all beaches are created equally, and some feature gentler points ideal for the first-timer. Before you grab your longboard, here are a few more tips for any newbie surfer, young or old:

  • Always wear a leash, wetsuit and vest in the water. You may feel out-of-place amongst the more seasoned surfers, but their familiarity with the water allows them a little license that you shouldn’t take.
  • Stick a helmet on your children. If your kids are taking their first surfing lessons, it’s easier to slip a helmet on their head instead of explaining the proper way to fall off the board.
  • Look for your board immediately after resurfacing. Learning to surf is fraught with peril, including hurting yourself or someone else with a loose surfboard. The minute you emerge from the water, grab your board and try again or head to shore.

If your surfing experience is limited, consider taking a class. Living or vacationing on any number of Australia’s beaches offers you the luxury of options, as there is an abundance of qualified surfing instructors scattered across the country.   Derek Williams is a Gold Coast resident who has worked at several hotels in Surfers Paradise, offering surfing lessons to patrons. He has won several surfing competitions in his lifetime. 

Top 10 Australian Winter Activities

Don’t just spend the winter holiday trapped indoors, Thredbo holiday packages have special winter offers that will get you outside and enjoying the snow. There’s a ton going on in Thredbo all winter long. Here’s a list of winter activities that will keep you outdoors.

1. The Thredbo Resort
The village is sure to hold your attention with entertainment, shopping, dining, and nightlife. The Thredbo Leisure center has gym activities and classes that will keep you occupied.

2. Nordic Skiing
Skiing is an activity famously enjoyed during the Australian winter, and is featured in Thredbo holiday packages.   Nordic skiing includes cross country and ski jumping. This winter activity is ancient, and was has been recognized as an official sport since the 1860s.

3. Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing is downhill skiing, in which the skier might participate in downhill racing.

4. Snowboarding
Snowboarding gained its popularity in the 1960s and has become a very exciting winter sport in mountainous areas. It is influenced by extreme sports such as skateboarding and surfing. It was recognized as an official sport in 1985, and has been since been included in the winter X Games, US Open, and the Olympic games.

5. Snowmobile racing
Snowmobiles are mobile sleds that are created for the purpose of driving on snow and ice. These vehicles are fun to ride on plowed paths or off-road terrain in the snow. They were originally created for the purpose of travelling through harsh conditions of snow but have gained widespread popularity through racing and trick sports.

6. Dog Sledding
Dog sled racing was first introduced as a winter sport in the 1932 Winter Olympics. The sled itself is pulled by a team of sled dogs that are attached by a harness. The races consist of sprints, mid distance, and long distant races that can range from 4 to 100 miles.

7. Snow shoeing
Snow shoes come in three types: aerobic, recreational, and mountaineering. The aerobic shoes are made for running, the recreation shoes are made for leisurely walks, and the mountaineering shoes are designed for cross country and off trail exploring.

8. Tobogganing
Toboggans are sleds that ride directly on a snowy hill, and are a popular activity for everyone, from adults to small children. The only equipment needed is a toboggan, a hill, and appropriate attire to keep warm, and the family will be entertained for hours.

9. Ice Skating
Ice skating can be done on an ice skating rink or a frozen body of water. Rinks are a much preferred arena for skating because they are much safer, the area being specifically designated for skating. Children and adults can enjoy this activity together, and its a great workout.

10. Hockey
Ice hockey is a very popular winter sport, played by vacationers and professional sports teams alike. If competing is not in your interests, you can enjoy this spectator sport safely from the sidelines. Various forms of hockey are present in many ancient cultures, and has been played in the Winter Olympics since 1924.

If you are planning to travel Australia for a short trip you can apply for Australia eta


5 Unusual Things to Do on the Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is one of the favourite holiday sites. It gained popularity in the 1950s with the beginnings of Surfers Paradise as a seaside town. It is one of the top tourist centres around the world.

Explore the Hinterland

The Gold Coast Hinterland and Scenic Rim are one of the hidden secrets of South East Queensland. The striking mountain rainforest area of Tambourine Mountain and Lamington National Park are in the Border Ranges just west of the Gold Coast. The Lamington National Park offers family activities that include Rainforest Retreat, the Tree Top Walk, Canungra Valley Vineyards and Mountain Villas. In the Mt. Tamborine area, visitors will enjoy Thunderbird Park, the rope course, and the Gallery Walk of crafts stores and cafes.


Hot Air Ballooning

A Hot-Air Balloon Gold Coast Tour and Vineyard Champagne Breakfast let riders view the scene of the Gold Coast Hinterland and enjoy a breakfast. The attraction consists of transport from specific accommodations on the Gold Coast, the balloon ride over the Hinterlands, and the O’Reillys Vineyard Champagne breakfast. Balloon riders receive a flight certificate as a souvenir.

Rally Driving

Rally Driving with WRX, which an Australian motor sport facility, is offering off-road driving. Visitors can be the driver or passenger in a prize-winning Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally car. These cars have equipment that match race specifications, for example, roll cages, five-point racing harnesses, and race seats. The cars race at 350 hp. with 420 nm of torque, and they reach zero to 100 in 4.5 seconds. The racetrack is a 1.2 km circuit that is purpose built out of gravel. The driver will experience four, six or fifteen laps of driving instruction, a debriefing, certificate signifying completion, and a trophy for a winner with 15 laps.

The Super Duck

Gold Coast Super Duck Tours provide both water and land tours. They leave from Oz on the Gold Coast. The tours have five vehicles that are air-conditioned and can handle up to 200 passengers. The Ducks traverse from the sand on the beach into the water to cruise the Gold Coast past the mansions, Sea World and the Versace Hotel. Boaters will find souvenirs on board. Kids can drive and ride for no cost.

Sky Diving

The Australian Sky Dive Company operates Jump the Beach Brisbane. The Sutton’s Bay Drop Zone is 30 miles north of the city of Brisbane. The zone is located between the Bribie and Moreton Islands in Moreton Bay and the Glass House Mountains. The ski divers will view these landmarks during the dive. The skydiving process begins with directions, fitting with a harness and practice of free fall techniques. Then divers move to the aircraft, where they will fly up to 14,000 feet while flying over Brisbane and the islands. The sky divers free fall with the tandem master for 60 seconds with speeds up to 200 kph. The trainers pull the ripcord of the parachutes, and the divers’ experience four to five minutes of falling while viewing the ocean. Possible sites are the whale watching during the months of June until November. The sky divers land on the beach.

Whatever you decide to do on you holiday, there are a number of Gold Coast packages available to suit everyone at http://www.escapetravel.com.au. The Gold Coast is an amazing tourist destination and it will keep you coming back for more!