Driving Italy’s Spectacular Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is considered to be one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in Italy. There are impressive mountains, turquoise waters, attractive villages and beautiful gardens. Driving along the coastal road is an excellent way to see this part of the country.

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Ravello, Amalfi and Positano are among the towns that you can visit while driving along the coast.


Ravello is an attractive town which is located on the cliffs above Amalfi. There are wonderful views from the town, as well as a magnificent cathedral and some pleasant gardens.

Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo are the most famous gardens in Ravello. They both offer excellent panoramic views to enjoy while walking among the tropical plants.

You can also visit Ceramiche d’Arte Carmela, which sells some beautiful ceramics. Ravello is famous for ceramics, so you will find several shops selling brightly painted pottery.


After visiting Ravello, you can drive to Amalfi. The Duomo di Sant’Andrea is one of the highlights of the town. This impressive cathedral has been remodelled several times, but the 11th century Byzantine doors remain. You can take a self-guided door around the cathedral and cloisters.

When you have visited the cathedral, you may like to explore the shops and cafés in the town.

If you want to get away from the busy town for a while, you can visit Valle della Ferriere and take a walk to the waterfall.


When you have left Amalfi, you can continue west to Positano. This town is well known for having expensive boutiques and shops. There is also a good choice of places to eat, including some reasonably priced options.

There are several churches that you can visit in Positano, such as the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale. This beautiful church is near to the sea, so you will need to walk down some cobblestones to get there as the road does not stretch this far. There is a crypt under the church, where you can learn about the history of the building.

Exploring the Amalfi Coast by road will give you the opportunity to see some stunning scenery. Car rental companies, such as National Car Hire, can be found in the area, so it should be easy to hire a car for the journey.

Although driving along the Amalfi Coast can be a rewarding experience, some of the roads can be challenging. The roads are very narrow in places, so there is not always room for two vehicles to pass each other. If you meet a bus or a coach, you will need to reverse until the road becomes wide enough for the vehicle to get past. There are also sheer drops at one side of the road. There are barriers, but those who are afraid of heights may find the experience a little daunting.

Despite the challenges, the Amalfi Coast is well worth a visit. You can see some wonderful views and visit some attractive and charming villages. The Amalfi Coast is considered to be an area of exceptional beauty.


T-Minus Two Hours to Luxury: Sumptuous Short Haul Destinations

Whatever the time of year, a holiday can give us all the rest and respite we need. While summer holidays typically see us leave our homes for a week or two minimum, the rise of city breaks and long weekend holidays has seen many of us begin to prefer a trip that only lasts a few days.

T-Minus Two Hours to Luxury: Sumptuous Short Haul Destinations

If this is something that interests you then short haul destinations are what you need to review – giving you access to luxurious countries without burdening you with jet lag or lengthy time periods spent on a plane. To get you started, here are our top pick locations:


1. Portugal


A popular option with families, Portugal can be reached in a matter of hours for a fantastic holiday experience. Whether you’re travelling for the sun, the golf courses or the fine food and drink – Portugal is sure to please.


2. Morocco


After something more exotic on your short haul trip? Morocco can be reached in as little as three hours and is sure to be a holiday to remember. Make sure you immerse yourself in the local area while holidaying here as the markets and traditional food of this area are two of the biggest attractions.


3. France


A notoriously close destination, France has been popular with Brits for years thanks to its easy connections. If you want something a little different from your holiday then avoid Paris and head to the southern areas instead. France is known for having an incredibly varied landscape and you can even find ski slopes on the French Alps over winter!


4. Italy


Sample culinary delights and plenty of history with a quick trip to Italy. With a flight time of only a few hours, this European hotspot is a great option for those who don’t want to spend half of their holidays in the skies! From the historical intrigue of Rome to the fashion delights of Milan and the cultural attractions of Venice, Italy is a country with plenty of great cities to visit so you can be sure of a great break.


5. Egypt


A little further afield than our other options, flights to Egypt are still covered under short haul descriptions – lasting 5-6 depending on where you travel.


Sharm El Sheikh is popular with families, offering a beachside break in just six hours. Cairo and Luxor are choice picks for history buffs, putting Karnak Temple, the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings and much more at your doorstep in about five hours.

New Zealand: Topography and Economic Overview

Being one of the best holiday destinations in the world, it pays to know a little bit of overview information about the land of the kiwis. New Zealand is country located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of two major land masses; the North and South Island. According to an article posted by BBC News, New Zealand is a wealthy Pacific nation. It is dominated by two cultural groups known as the New Zealanders from European descent and Maori people who arrived on the country more than 1, 000 years ago.

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Two of the most important things to learn about this country are their economy and geographical location.


New Zealand’s main economic mainstay is agriculture. In 1840, the British sovereignty was established in the country under the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. This treaty is a pact between Maori chiefs and the British government over land rights. However, this treaty caused the “New Zealand Wars” as land claims resulted to a series of dispute between colonial forces and the Maori people. Although the government gave the people money and land settlements, the land issue remains to be unsolved.

The government made a dramatic and controversial economic reform program that lifted controls on wages, prices and interests rates. It also removed agricultural subsidies. The country has a good export relationship with countries such as Australia, US and Japan. Also, it is the first Western country to sign a free trade deal with China.


With its geographical location, it is easier for visitors and tourists to visit the country. New Zealand has a diverse and spectacular landscape that fuelled tourism. Tourists from all over the world are drawn by the country’s scenic views, glacier-carved mountains, virgin forests, lakes, beaches, thermal springs and gardens. The aside from different tourist’s spots and landmarks, the country’s fauna and flora shouldn’t be missed. Because of the island’s geographical location, it boasted a unique and diverse flower collection.

Upon arrival in the country, there are plenty of accommodation and transportation options. There are cars and campervans for hire especially for those who want to have their own vehicle for the duration of the trip. You can hire a car at Wilderness Motor Homes or snap car rentals. Accommodations range from New Zealand Holiday Homes, cottages, apartments and luxury hotels.

When visiting New Zealand, be comfortable by staying at Holiday Homes in Auckland (http://www.nzholidayhomes.co.nz/) or drive your own vehicle by hiring a car or van from Wilderness Motor Home (http://www.wilderness.co.nz) and snap car rentals (http://www.snapcarrentalauckland.com/).

Road Trips in Hungary

Are you looking to explore Hungary by car? Since the country is connected by a series of decent-quality roads, going on a road trip through Hungary is a safe way to travel. It also gives you the flexibility to see everything on your own schedule and explore remote areas that may not be well-served by public transport. Read on to learn about how to take your car on a holiday in Hungary.

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The Hungarian Rules of the Road


Before you commit to driving your car around Hungary, there are some things you should know. The driving culture is a bit different from what we’re used to, and Hungarian drivers have a reputation for being somewhat aggressive, with tailgating, honking and flashing lights being common. In some large cities, it’s not uncommon for drivers to pull each other out of their cars and start fighting.


Be aware also that the police have been known to target motorists for large fines for even minor offenses. There are speed traps even in isolated areas. Also, be aware that the expressway is not free and you will have to pay with a vignette system, which you can top up as often as every ten days. If you do not have one then you can face a steep fine.


There is also cultural custom of flashing one’s lights at an intersection to let other drivers know you are giving up your right of way. Other than that, though, expect to follow standard safety procedure, such as keeping your lights on after dark and minding the very strictly enforced speed limit.


Things to See and Do


One absolute must-see is the historic city of Budapest, the so-called “Queen of the Danube.” The city is packed with gorgeous Baroque architecture, world-class museums, and a great dining and nightlife scene. Make sure to taste a hearty goulash, a traditional Hungarian stew made of meat, potatoes and pleasant spices. For dessert, try the fresh local pastries (called torta) or the Gundel palacsinta, a crepe filled with rum, walnuts, raisins and lemon zest and then doused in chocolate sauce.


Once you get out of the city, you can take part in any number of outdoor escapades, like birdwatching, horseback watching, and hiking in Hortobagy National Park. You can also explore the ruins of Pecs, taste some delicious white wine in the Tokaj wine region, or visit a spa on the shores of Lake Balaton.


These are just a few of the adventures that await you in Hungary. And what better way to experience them than on a road trip, where you can set the itinerary and see exactly what you want. Good luck and happy trails!

5 Tips for a Round the World Backpacking Trip




One of the advantages of travelling as a backpacker is that it is easy to discover hidden treasures lying off the beaten path. You have time and flexibility to adventure, making it much easier.

Morocco may be a tourists’ hot spot but if you look closely you will discover places that are lesser travelled. The Anti-Atlas ranges for example are less frequented; here your senses are going to be intrigued by the intoxicating wilderness in this region. The small Berber villages offer a resting and friendly aboard to its visitors. You will experience the Berber culture uncut.

Moulay Idriss is the holiest town in Morocco and due to the fact that only Muslims were allowed to enter. In the past most visitors still keep off so head there and explore this mountain perched town.



While on a backpacking trip it means you will probably be exposed to many risks because you will be travelling to numerous locations. You should never leave home without travel insurance, and a good one at that.

You should do your research carefully when it comes to this; learn exactly what your policy covers before you purchase a plan. Choose a policy that works with the activities and places you are travelling to.

Keep in mind that in some countries you pay the local doctor in cash so keep the receipts as your travel insurance provider may reimburse the funds later.



As a backpacker your main aim is to travel to many places in the world without extravagant spending. Accommodation in foreign countries is one of the major setbacks to any backpacker because staying in hotel rooms is expensive. To avoid unexpected expenses it is great to try staying in larger group accommodation to cut on costs. Along the way on your route you if you are alone you will definitely come across other backpackers whom you can lodge with or choose to stay in hostels which are cheaper.


4.       PACK LIGHT

The reason the trip is called backpacking trip is because everything you should pack should fit in the back pack. The world is now a commercialized place and you don’t have to squeeze your favorite hairspray or lotion in your bag assuming that you cannot find them anywhere else, you may be surprised. Almost anything you would need abroad can be purchased easily without hitches from medication to cosmetics. Can you imagine what you would need for a year? It would require a crane to lift that, so just travel light.



With the advanced technology one is able to update statuses from anywhere in the world. However sometimes on a trip like this all you need is for just that one caring someone to know your whereabouts for security. Otherwise avoid being obsessed with social media and concentrate on the wonders of backpacking. The results are not only rewarding in the long run but also achievable. You will also be saving on internet charges which may be high in some countries.

Discover Ireland

If you are looking for breath-taking scenery, energetic activities, then come to Ireland and you’ll find plenty of these things to keep you busy and content throughout your stay.

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The vacation choices to be had there are numerous and easy to find. All you need to do is decide where you would like to visit and what kind of attractions you’d like to see.

The natural beauty that the country has on display is staggering. It encapsulates landscape and architectural treats that will leave you mesmerized. There are ancient sites, castles and seashore spots to explore right around the country. If you are looking for the nightlife party time, then you’ll find that in plenty of cities – especially in the likes of Dublin, Cork and Galway. 

Dublin, the capital is the most obvious choice for visitors to flock to when they come to Ireland. It has a multitude of castles, monuments, shopping centers and pubs that will leave you wishing you’d more time to enjoy it all.

Popular sights in Dublin include Trinity college, the national gallery, the national museum, temple bar, Christ church and Hugh Lane art gallery.

The midlands have a varied landscape profile with some stunning gems to uncover. The dairy farms provide an opportunity to spend a few hours learning how things work on farms in Ireland.

Waterford contains alluring river valleys. The city itself has a lively nightlife and arts scene with the coastline providing panoramic vantage points. Many tourists opt to rent a bicycle and go on an expedition from Waterford to Wexford in their own time.

Like most visitors, finding hotels in Ireland is easy enough. Do a simple google search and you’ll have an abundance of choices in front of you in no time.

Cork offers a really diverse cultural experience to those that venture south. It has excellent restaurants along with cafes and other attractions. Mizen head will give spectacular views of the Atlantic horizon.

Ireland has something for all the family to enjoy. If you are a backpacker, then you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied on a lower budget. If you want to visit many parts of the country, then you can take the train or bus system at reasonable prices.

Whatever your preferences, you should definitely consider coming to this magical Emerald Isle on your next adventure. You will create so many wonderful experiences that will last you forever.


Greatest driving roads in Europe

For those individuals for whom driving is not just a means of getting from A to B, Europe offers some of the most interesting roads in the world. In Europe, drivers can motor through stunning landscapes, stop off at historic sights and enjoy the chance to get a little fresh air, well away from the city.


Some of the best roads

One of the most famous roads in Europe, the Col de la Bonnette, is also the highest, laid out at an altitude of 2807 meters. This road passes through the Alps, so there is an abundance of contrasting scenery, with lush greenery at the base of the pass and really barren landscapes at the top. The route can be testing with some narrow passes and tricky corners, and once the summit has been reached, the drive down seems almost like a racetrack, with 5km of the road ahead in view all at once.

Made famous by its appearance in the Bond film, Goldfinger, the Furka Pass is part of the ‘Big 3’ passes that are interconnected and run close to Andermatt. The Pass takes a driver to the Rhone Glacier, the source of the Rhone River, and here it is possible to stop the car and walk to the glacier. The Furka Pass’s road surfaces are perfect and present great forward visibility, so a driver can put his or her foot down and really enjoy the route. Another challenging road, the way down the Pass is narrow and steep in some places. At the bottom of the Pass, the road becomes dead straight for up to 6km, and runs parallel to the railway line.

The Black Forest in Germany offers drivers many trails, some better than others, but is generally held to be a driver’s dream route. One of the best routes is on the northern stretch, which has stunning views of the forest below, and a superb switchback that runs through the forest to Baden Baden. The roads in the Black Forest are wide and open, fantastic to drive. There are also plenty of places to stop and park up, stretch the legs and take some photos.  A very popular drive, the Black Forest routes can get extremely busy.

Why take a driving vacation?

Freedom is the simple answer. Drivers have the freedom to choose their own routes, select their own speed, stop where they want and explore as many places and sites as they wish. It can also be great fun, even at the planning stage, using a map to work out routes.

Talking of planning, this starts with the trip to the airport, getting passports and visas ready, and the need to hire a car at the other end. It is best to book a car rental before arriving at the destination, and careful thought needs to be put into the best type of vehicle for the trip.

It is always best to be prepared for the worst on a driving trip. This means packing a toolkit, and even some spare parts, in case roadside repairs need to be carried out. Just as important is safety equipment, such as warning signage and high visibility jackets.






Backpacking: The Best Way To Travel In Thailand

Backpacking is arguably the best way to travel in Thailand. And because of so many affordable transportation options, getting to this country is easy. With cheap flights to Thailand, anyone can visit it without breaking the bank. When you get there, you can walk around with just your backpack and enjoy the culture as well as the beautiful sights of this rich Southeast Asian nation.

backpack thailand

Those who have been out of the country and have visited Asia know that going to this part of the world is one the best things that can be done by those who want to enjoy their vacation getaway.

The feeling of excitement that you will feel when you step out of the airport is just unexplainable! You will instantly realize that you are not in that particular place that you used to be! The place looks exceptional, the food smells good, and the people are more polite! Well, the feeling that developed during your arrival, is just hard to explain and there are no words for it!

When you go backpacking, it would be a lot easier to meet new people and enjoy the Thai culture! This is most true when you meet other backpackers along the way!

Some of the best places to meet new people are transient houses and diners. You can easily make friends with other travellers and even tag along on their journey. Simply put, once you get out of your shell, meeting new people can be a walk in the park.

Another notable benefit of backpacking is the fact that you will not be bound by time. You do not have to wake up at certain time and hurriedly get out of bed every morning. This is because you do not have to be at certain place at a set time. Simply put, you have all the time in the world when you go backpacking!

To sum up, backpacking in Thailand can be really addicting, especially if you are the adventurous kind! You can be fully exposed to the unique culture, partake in exotic yet tasty street food, and experience cheap accommodation, among others! True enough, backpacking in Thailand is the way to go!

Top Ways to Travel Around New Zealand

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, here are some tips to help you find the right transportation for your vacation! This is a country chock full of incredible natural beauty and amazing sights everywhere you go. I would recommend you start by the center of New Zealand, find a place to stay in Nelson and organize your adventure from there. Nelson is a city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay and has incredible landscape which will give you a teaser of what to expect for the rest of your trip. And of course, the best way to make the most of it is to pick good transportation methods and see the country at your own pace. To start planning this adventurous sort of holiday, have a look at some of the best transportation options to get you around New Zealand:



Want to travel around this gorgeous country at your own pace and enjoy the scenic outdoors? New Zealand caravan rentals are a popular option for those who want an adventurous holiday right in the middle of the rugged New Zealand nature. Forget about packaged holiday tours that rush you around on a pre-planned itinerary. With a caravan, you don’t have a schedule and can be completely spontaneous with your journey. Caravans are particularly great for traveling around this country because there’s often no accommodation nearby in nature. With a caravan, you can sleep anywhere, getting the chance to escape the city and feel peaceful immersed in the natural surroundings.


Car Hire

Renting a car is another good option for those looking to get around New Zealand at their own speed. It’s cheaper than a caravan, and comes with plenty of options. Just a few travelers might want something small and compact, or a larger vehicle might be better for the whole family. Whatever you need, car hire in Auckland can help you pick the right vehicle for your travel needs. Traveling by car allows you complete independence and the ability to escape the crowds. It’s a great way to explore places off the beaten path, and enjoy the untouched parts of nature.


Traveling by bus around New Zealand is well-organized and designed to give you peace of mind on your journey. It’s great if you’re not into driving on your holiday and would rather sit back and enjoy the ride! Though you won’t be able to take the bus to the far reaches of nature like you could in a caravan, the bus coverage is quite good throughout the country. It can be a bit expensive and time-consuming, but is a good option for most travelers. Try renting holiday accommodation in one desirable spot and taking bus day trips from there.

Is It Possible To Play Online Casinos While Travelling?

With the recent surge in online casinos, it’s becoming more and more popular for people to want to be able to play these games from where ever they are.



Online gambling regulations and laws differ greatly from one country to the next. The best advice that you could get is to to do your research, and find out whether you’re allowed to play on theses sites in the countries that you plan on travelling to.

If you are not sure what the situation is, and you’re only going away for a week or two, then you can rest assured – as you should have no problems connecting up to your favourite online casino, placing a few bets and  having some gentle fun.

Initially when you try and log in, you might stumble across a few measures that will try and stop you from playing. This is easily overcome by allowing pop-ups. Some countries try their best to prevent people from playing on such sites, and they’re very anti-online gambling. However, these countries have little or no way of completely clamping down on these sites or even the individuals that play on them.

Lets take Thailand as an example. You can fire up your laptop, log into an online poker site and play for real money. It’s illegal though in the eyes of the Thai government, but there’s nothing they can do about it at the end of the day.

Trying to play on such sites from your tablet or smartphone may prevent some problems though. This is due to the fact that the technology in these devices will recognize that you’re not in your original country and will make it difficult for you to log on. This is regardless of the country you’re visiting allowing you to gamble online or not.

Another issue you may need to be aware of, is trying to sign up for a new account on a new site. Where the problem occurs is when inputting your local address. The online casino may not actually accept the country where you are trying to create a new account from. This issue is known as player location restriction.

In general, it should be fine for you to log onto your favourite online casino while travelling, so long as you don’t have to create a new account. One little tip that could also help you out, is to buy a VPN(Virtual Private Network) – this will help mask your I.P address just in case you encounter any problems.