5 Tips for a Round the World Backpacking Trip




One of the advantages of travelling as a backpacker is that it is easy to discover hidden treasures lying off the beaten path. You have time and flexibility to adventure, making it much easier.

Morocco may be a tourists’ hot spot but if you look closely you will discover places that are lesser travelled. The Anti-Atlas ranges for example are less frequented; here your senses are going to be intrigued by the intoxicating wilderness in this region. The small Berber villages offer a resting and friendly aboard to its visitors. You will experience the Berber culture uncut.

Moulay Idriss is the holiest town in Morocco and due to the fact that only Muslims were allowed to enter. In the past most visitors still keep off so head there and explore this mountain perched town.



While on a backpacking trip it means you will probably be exposed to many risks because you will be travelling to numerous locations. You should never leave home without travel insurance, and a good one at that.

You should do your research carefully when it comes to this; learn exactly what your policy covers before you purchase a plan. Choose a policy that works with the activities and places you are travelling to.

Keep in mind that in some countries you pay the local doctor in cash so keep the receipts as your travel insurance provider may reimburse the funds later.



As a backpacker your main aim is to travel to many places in the world without extravagant spending. Accommodation in foreign countries is one of the major setbacks to any backpacker because staying in hotel rooms is expensive. To avoid unexpected expenses it is great to try staying in larger group accommodation to cut on costs. Along the way on your route you if you are alone you will definitely come across other backpackers whom you can lodge with or choose to stay in hostels which are cheaper.


4.       PACK LIGHT

The reason the trip is called backpacking trip is because everything you should pack should fit in the back pack. The world is now a commercialized place and you don’t have to squeeze your favorite hairspray or lotion in your bag assuming that you cannot find them anywhere else, you may be surprised. Almost anything you would need abroad can be purchased easily without hitches from medication to cosmetics. Can you imagine what you would need for a year? It would require a crane to lift that, so just travel light.



With the advanced technology one is able to update statuses from anywhere in the world. However sometimes on a trip like this all you need is for just that one caring someone to know your whereabouts for security. Otherwise avoid being obsessed with social media and concentrate on the wonders of backpacking. The results are not only rewarding in the long run but also achievable. You will also be saving on internet charges which may be high in some countries.

Blogging Business

Hey Guys!

Just checking in to let you all know that I’ve landed in South Africa and am settling into my new home on the Loskop Dam Reserve, about 50km outside of Middelburg. If you’re keen on seeind where the heck that is, take a look at the google map I’ve put in for all of you :-)
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In other news, I’ve been blowing up the news wire with my articles for the Naples Daily News, where I touch on how it felt to see monkeys in the wild, how post-rainforest culture shock is just that…shocking, and my lack of ability to dance through the undergrowth. I’ve also posted the first of a series of photography-based articles, and mused on my struggles traveling solo. Finally, I’ve come out to the world and admitted that I absolutely love Equatorial Guinea and owned up the fact that I initially let my stereotypes dictate my impressions of the people and the culture.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for reading this! I’ve been website hits from all over the world, which is just fantastic. For those of you waiting for a postcard, I’ll be sending them out soon – it wasn’t so easy to do from EG. For those of you who don’t know, I love sending readers postcards (and I might even put a travel secret on it!) and I’m also excited to work with classrooms one-on-one.

In the next few weeks, very exciting things will be happening in the backpacking chica community…can’t spill the beans right now, but keep your eyes and ears open for the news!

Happy travels!

-Yours Truly :-)