Primate censusing – a day in my life with the BBPP

Want to know what my typical day entailed during my tenure as a BBPP field assistant? Take a look at these two videos, which I took during our primate census. This happened to be a really unique monkey encounter – I only saw drills four times in two months, and it was pure luck that I happened to catch it on video. The bioko drill is an extremely unique animal, and is endangered – I am so fortunate to have been able to see it in the wild.



Updates from Bioko Island!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note to say that I am still hanging out in Equatorial Guinea – the BBPP staff have proven to be fabulous hosts. I’ve had the chance to explore the Moka Research Station and just got into Malabo tonight, which I’ve been aching to explore.

I’ve been getting a bunch of articles ready and I have a ton of videos to upload, so I’ve been staying busy to keep you all informed :-) I don’t want to fall behind, and no matter where I am or how many airline tickets I go through, no one will ever not know what I’m up to!

For now, you should check out this youtube video: some of the beaches featured are beaches that are actively being surveyed by BBPP researchers in their efforts to increase their understanding of the local turtle populations.