Experiencing a Spanish taste sensation – tapas in Menorca



Anyone who has spent any time holidaying in Spain will know that you can’t beat enjoying a few plates of tapas with a glass of the local tipple. If you are about to embark on your first trip to Menorca and wonder if the tradition extends to the island, do not fear because you will find just as much opportunity to indulge as on mainland Spain. You can read about some of the highlights below before planning your trip using this website.

Background to tapas

The word tapas comes from the Spanish for lid and refers to the fact that tapas was often served on a piece of bread that was put on top of a customer’s drink to protect it from flies in bars. From these humble origins as a bar snack, which was often given away for free, tapas has been elevated into a gastronomic experience.

These days whole meals can consist of tapas and instead of a simple nibble, delicious ingredients and large amounts of thought and effort go into each one. It has become very popular with holidaymakers who like the opportunity to try lots of different flavours as opposed to restricting themselves to just one dish each mealtime.

La Morada in Mahon

This lively tapas bar is widely considered to be the best restaurant of its kind in Menorca’s capital city and by extension the whole of the island. It is best to book if you are not keen on hanging around as there is barely a day of the week when La Morada isn’t busy.

It is well worth the wait, however, as the service is good and a friendly atmosphere makes for a wonderful dining experience. Be prepared for some difficult decisions as the tapas selection is extensive and you will want to try everything on the menu. Chances are you will be back more than once during your holiday.

Sa Vinya in Mahon

Most people fall for the charms of Sa Vinya before they even step through the door as it is housed within a rustic farmhouse on the outskirts of Mahon. It is the perfect place to come for a romantic evening with a loved one and particularly special if you are celebrating an anniversary or engagement.

Everything about the restaurant has been carefully contemplated to create the overall effect, from the decor and planting to the music and lighting. Pilar Pons, the resident chef, has an innate understanding of food and it always pays to ask for the daily specials before picking all of your dishes from the regular menu.

La Rueda in San Lluis

If it is traditional Menorcan cuisine and a small village atmosphere that you crave, then this is just the place for you. It is frequented by locals, which is always a badge of quality, but this makes it another place where it pays to book in advance.

La Rueda has been in business for more than 30 years and is definitely doing something right. Nobody will be able to complain about the prices, so order as much as you like and tuck in.

Es Cranc in Fornells

To enjoy tapas built mainly around seafood as the focus then the best place to head is this establishment in the fishing village of Fornells. You will not be disappointed by the dishes on offer, but it is imperative that all visitors try the lobster stew.

With an abundance of red lobsters in the area, this is something of a speciality. In the summer months customers need to book as far in advance as two weeks to ensure they get a table. It is best to do this otherwise you may travel to Fornells expressly for dinner and find yourself disappointed.